Lumax Brand

Buy Lumax Products onlineThe reputation of Lumax and the DK Jain Group rests on a bedrock of seven decades of heritage. Our formidable performance over the years stands testament to the deeply held conviction that goodness wins. Our ethical approach to business transcends time and trends, and its efficacy is reflected in our consistent growth.

Our new logo stands for our ethos, spirit & aspirations. It takes inspiration from our philosophy of ‘WinteGreat’. It is the distillate of our three-pronged philosophy for building a great and admired institution – winning through integrity, teamwork and the integration of our strengths across businesses, products and geographic locations. The ‘WinteGreat Wheel’s propeller blades symbolize passion, dynamism, confidence and commitment to accelerated growth. Respect, Integrity, Passion and Excellence are our core values, which form the soul of our organization. They are enshrined in the very heart of the ‘WinteGreat Wheel’ in the form of a prism. The classic Lumax typeface has been crafted and enhanced to keep it contemporary while retaining its unique character and legacy of trust and high performance. It now stands ready to scale even greater heights in the decades to come as we grow our legacy.

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