Rear Bumper Suitable for Maruti Swift Type 2 (Model 2007-2011)


Rear Bumper Suitable for Maruti Swift Type 2 (Model 2007-2011)

Maruti Swift 2007-2011 Rear Bumper

Rear Bumper Suitable for Maruti Swift Type 2 (Model 2007-2011)

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1,450.00 1,344.00

Rear Bumper by YPPL™, specially designed to be used in Maruti Suzuki Swift model 2007 to 2011. Price of Rear bumpers manufactured by YPPL are around 40 to 60 % cheaper than OE Products, without compromising on quality.  Here are a few features of the product.

  • Same quality as OE for less money
  • Designed with the latest Software and manufactured with modern tooling
  • Direct fit replacement
  • Installs the same as factory unit
  • Same dimensions as OE part
  • Same gauge material as OE
  • No vehicle modifications required for installation

Maruti swift Rear bumper (Model 2007-2011), manufactured by YPPL,
A bumper is the first line of defense against damage designed to absorb the impact in a road accident as well as a major styling element of a vehicle.
When it comes to showing quality restoration or quality body work, YPPL has you covered with all the same-as-original bumpers. Made to OE specifications, factory-correct YPPL parts provide drop in fit, form and function. They will help make your vehicle look as new and restore its former glory in the blink of an eye. Since the original parts can cost car owners an arm or a leg, some of them put up with unsightly looking or malfunctioning bumper components that mess up the beauty of their vehicle or take chances at salvage yards trying to find quality used parts.

Paying the high dealer price or using cheap used bumper components that aren’t even made from proper material and don’t fit right is not an option. You can put your vehicle back to its just off the assembly line condition and have money left in the pocket with superior grade replacement bumpers from YPPL designed and manufactured to duplicate not only the original appearance and fit but also quality. These premium parts are perfect for meticulous attention-to-detail project, helping bring the factory bumper look back to life.

YPPL® is dedicated to providing original equipment (OE) quality body parts and lights without the high OE price. Rather than deal with so-called “universal” parts that may or may not fit your vehicle, YPPL sells only parts that have OE quality fit, function and appearance. They believe such parts should be affordable so you can repair your vehicle to its former state, restoring your pride of ownership and preserving its resale value. With YPPL parts you can just say no to high dealer prices.


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